6 Ways Smart Millennials Improve Their Appearance

6 Ways Millennials Improve Their Appearances Without Breaking The Bank.


Although the millennial life is more laid back than the generations before them, the old rule still remains-the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

Yes, that’s true, but wearing specific type of clothing is only part of the equation of looking good.

The little things you do can make a big difference to improve your appearance. Just think about it: if you improve your appearance you are not only treated with respect, people will be more willing to listen to you and take you seriously.

Improving your appearance doesn’t have to cost much and you’ll see that pretty soon in this article, but first you need to know that there 3 aspects to your appearance:

  1. What You Wear
  2. How You Carry What You Wear
  3. How You Project Yourself 

Now here are 6 smart ways millennials improve their appearance without breaking the bank

  • Scout For The Best Bargains 

No one checks the label at the back of your shirt, so do not fret over name or brand. Look for clothing items that are trendy and that won’t hurt your pocket. You can find them at your local store or boutiques.

The best way to find the best deals is to run is to compare process from other shops. You’ll find a shop selling the same item at a cheaper price.

A good place to check out for bargains is at ecommerce sites like eBay or Amazon. You’ll be overwhelmed with all the choices you have out there. If you’re looking for something formal or fashionable, you can check niche ecommerce sites that are dedicated to selling particular type of clothing item like TucciPolo which focuses on handmade fashion items made out of Italian Leather.

  • Be Creative With How You Mix Your Outfits

Ever heard of a Capsule Wardrobe?Capsule Wardrobe consists of only a couple of pieces of clothing, most times of about 33 items of clothing. These pieces of clothing are then mix-matched with each other to create a new look each time.

This method will help you make do with the few items of clothing you have and push your creativity in creating a new look with the few items of clothing that you have. This is an inexpensive way to improve your appearance.

  • Take Care Of The Way You Carry Yourself 

The way you put yourself out in the world can either break or make your appearance. The way you walk into the room, the way to approach people and the way you carry out important role in the way you look. Your looks are not restricted to what you wear but how you carry what you wear. That’s why models pose in certain ways. You”re a model yourself. Carry yourself with the air of professionalism and decisiveness.

  • KeepYourself Clean And Well-Groomed

Khadijah Williams was an honor student from Harvard, but nobody knew she was homeless. She made sure she was well kept all the time. People saw her as a clean, smart and cheerful person and could never imagine that she was homeless.

Improve your appearance can be as looking well-groomed. Brush your hair and wear clean and well-ironed clothing. This will go a long way in making you stand out and people are more prone to respect someone who is well kept.

  • Wear Confidence Daily 

Confidence is attractive. Together with neat clothing, wear confidence. Walk with your back straight, square your shoulders and with your head held high.

When you have an air of confidence, it makes you more alluring and people would like to associate with you. And guess what? You don’t have to spend a dime for it.

  • Put A Smile On Your Face

A smile can do wonders to the way you look. Whenever you wear a smile you become more approachable and people tend to trust you and want to talk with you. You become more attractive when you smile. People will be more at ease and want to connect with you.

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