Add some luster to your spring look

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How To Add Some Luster To Your Look

By Delaney Williams

It is about that time we put away those dark pigments from fall and lighten things up for spring season. One of the easiest ways to stay on trend with spring beauty is to add luster to your look. This task could be as bold or simplistic as you desire, and it works well with both day-time and night-time looks.

My every day makeup look is very simplistic, even when adding luster. I don’t use eyeshadow regularly, but after bronzing I simply continue to use eyeshadow in the creases of my eyes in order to give my eyes that definition look.

The way I add luster to my daytime look is simplistic as well, I use the lightest shade of highlighter from the Anastasia Sugar Glow Kit and create a subtle highlight on the top of my cheek bone. In order to keep your daytime look subtle, I suggest choosing your highlight pigment based on what blends naturally with your skin.

In order to give my eyes that pop of luster, I use the same highlighter I used on my cheek bone and highlight the inner corner of my eyes. The inner corner of your eyes has a high impact on any makeup looks, it makes your eyes look brighter and wide awake. This simplistic makeup routine gives you a subtle and effortless glow.

However, adding luster to your look doesn’t have to be purely minimalistic. Rosy colors are very on variety of ways. Adding a shimmer of pink, red, or gold to outer eyelid could be the finishing touch to any bold eye while making it pop. You could also take inner corner highlight and blend it under your eye as shown in images below. Thick winged eyeliner or false lashes are the perfect addition to transition this lustrous look into a night time makeup look.




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