Dad-Sneakers are Trending 2018

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By Delaney Williams

You might want to consult with your dad about fashion advice this season. The “Dad-Sneaker” is making it’s way into high fashion as well as street wear this spring 2018. This new wave of sneakers have been resurrected from the 90’s, and there’re being sported in brands today such as Reebok, Nike, FILA, and Adidas.

The Nike Air Max 97s are example of a timless sneaker that has been brought back as a current spring fashion trend. Originally released in 1997, they can be today on celebrities such as Drake and Chance the Rapper. Designers such as Balenciage, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Celine have taken notice to this trend and devised their own design of chunky Dad-Sneaker, Balenciage in particular caught my attention with their release of the “TripleS” trainers, which features a colorway of blue, red, and yellow. This addition of color stands out from the typical Dad-Sneaker that is traditionally off-white or gray. The color blocking also allows for various ways to style the sneakers.

Louis Vuitton recently displayed their own interpretation of this trend in their spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear show. They blend the iconic thick soles with a futuristic look. This collection styles the sneakers with silk shorts and long blazers; blazers are another everyday spring trend. FILA is another relevant sportswear brand that has been recently popularized in street wear. With the uprising of the FILA Disruptor II, they have been rebranded and follow this sneaker trend to a tee. If you’re searching for a more affordable substitute for the Balenciage or Louis Vuitton Dad-Sneaker, the FILA Disruptor II’s fit the description and can be found at stores such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, or ASOS.

When a new 2018 spring shoe trend comes, it comes in different ways to style your look. The Dad-Sneaker can be worn in two different ways either dressed up or dressed down.

Midi dresses with plaid and gingham prints accompanied with pastel colors prove to be prominent this spring season; this dress can be paired with the Dad-sneaker trend for a perfect On-the-go look. Pairing a dress with sneaks is a progressive way to dress up this casual trend. Pictured below is Emili Sindlev following this exact fashion mixture accompanied by the Nike Air Max sneakers previously mentioned.

Wearing cropped pants shorts or skirts are simple ways to style these shoes, and it can be worn with a variety of looks. Printed blazers are the perfect in-style accessory that you can add to top off this look. A casual outfit such as these paired with the chunky Dad-Sneaker is perfect for going to class or running errands in style. Even in the Louis Vuitton runway show previously mentioned, the sneakers were styled with pastel silk shorts. Adding these sneakers to a cropped pants gives your look a nostalgic 90’s touch. Styling them with a plaid skirt can also add a retro feel.

Finally, for my personal experience with the Dad-Sneakers. Vans have always been my go to brand, but Adidas are the only sneakers I currently own that fit the description of this trend. I have recently been looking to branch out and purchase a pair of FILAs. I have been wearing my Adidas Superstars that are black with blue stripe; they’re custom made and I thrifted them (score). My friend Vanessa however, is an advocate for this trend. Her go to shoes are the classic white leather Reebok’s and the FILA Disruptor II in white. She says ” I am not normally a dress or skirt type of girl and I focus more on statement pants or trousers. Vanessa’s favorite ways ot style the Dad-Sneaker are pictured below.

Louis Vuitton Spring Ready-to-wear 2018


Emili Sindlev wearing Nike Air Max Sneakers


Vanessa Lang wearing FILA Disruptor II


Vanessa Lang styling FILA Disruptor II


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