Show Some Shoulder

                    The Cold Shoulder

The “Cold Shoulder ” seems to be the story of many different fashion trends today. Baring shoulders,  is what this cold shoulder trend does. This style was first applied by Donna Karen in 1992,  the “Cold Shoulder ” trend has resurfaced with a vengeance.  For this trend  to be considered a “true”  cold shoulder , the arms are partially covered and shoulders exposed. ..but not off- the-shoulder.  Making a major comeback, this trend has been seen everywhere and on the runway of New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

This baring shoulder sweater would look conservative under a jacket by day and super sexy at night. This bare shoulder sweater can be transformed from casual to classy. The FOREVER21 lightweight knit Cold Shoulder V-Neck Varsity Stripe Sweater $25 FOREVER21.COM can be worn in fall or spring like climate. The “Cold Shoulder ” is sure to stay around for some time. Get ready and prepare your wardrobe for this classic,  steadfast style to occupy your closet.





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