Vuliwear Sunglasses by Dionne Ellison

Unique Fashion Statement


Vuliwear® was born from inspiration. Vuliwear® is a unique brand of designer fashion accessories and clothing; Vuliwear® exclusive line of designer sunglasses is the first of more to come. Vuliwear® unique designs are inspired by the awesome patterns and colors in an insects eyes.

Vuliwear® designer sunglasses launched on June 27th. 2017 (National Sunglasses Day).  Vuliwear® is partnered with ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ to develop high-quality polarized nylon lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, detail and provide 100% UV protection from sun when worn correctly.

All Vuliwear® sunglasses are made in Italy and Vuliwear® sunglasses are unisex and designed with comfort in mind. Light-weight metal frames also made in Italy, will make you forget you even have them on. The classic aviator style was selected because it’s the most popular and flattering to most face shapes for both men and women.

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When Fashion & Nature collide, Vuilwear® comes alive!  Shop now

Vuli means “Shade” in Swahili 

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